How To Choose The Perfect BBQ Grill Cover

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What if you want a multi-functioning cover instead of a standard one? Well you’ve come to the right place! Here is how to choose the perfect BBQ Grill Mat

Stuck over which BBQ cover is right for you? What if your chosen model doesn’t come with a lid? What if you want a multi-functioning cover instead of a standard one? Well you’ve come to the right place! Here is how to choose the perfect BBQ Grill Mat .

You need a cover for your BBQ grill for various reasons, but arguably the most important of these isn’t taste, flavor or juiciness – it’s longevity. There is a prevalent and pernicious rumor out there that a BBQ Grill Cover will cause your BBQ to rust – but this simply isn’t the case! In actual fact the opposite is true!

If you have a grill made out of anything other than stainless steel or cast aluminum then it needs to be covered when not in use. If they aren’t covered then there is a higher chance of rust than if they are. This is particularly true of iron grills as they will oxidize over time when exposed to the elements. It isn’t just rainwater that is to be feared either; corrosion from acid rain is more common than you would think, lawn treatment chemicals can corrode the metals, as can weed killers and other agents used in your garden.


Two people can walk into a store, purchase different grills, and one spent 500% more than the other. Grills can range in price from $15 to $15,000. After you’ve figured out what type of grill you want, check the prices online before going to the store so you’re not surprised by what you see.

Frequency of use

How often you see yourself using your outdoor grill is another thing that you need to consider. Gas grills tend to be initially more expensive than charcoal grills. But it will bring about savings for you in the long run if you see yourself using your outdoor grill often since propane gas tanks lasts far longer than

The size of your backyard

The size of your outdoor grill must be proportion to the size of your backyard. Placing a large barbecue grill in a small backyard could easily make it feel very crowded and difficult for your guests to move around when you host backyard barbecue parties.

At the same time, you also need to think about what are the kinds of food that you see yourself grilling on your barbecue grill. Getting a really compact grill may give you a lot of room to spare for you and your guests to gather during a backyard party, but it might pose a huge problem if you’re planning to grill a whole slab of baby back ribs or 20 burger patties all at once.

BBQ Cover Materials

BBQ Covers can be made from all sorts of things. The older, earliest and more traditional simply relied on using the lid to cover the cooking surface… nowadays we know that even rain can be corrosive to exposed metal! To this end you will find that may barbecue covers are made from waterproofed materials such as polyester.

Unfortunately polyester is still flammable and so other materials are used in its place on a fairly regular basis. You should not be surprised to see the more safety conscious opt for a canvas cover, even if it soaks up the rain rather than allows it to slide off. The best choice by far is to opt for a vinyl cover. It is not as flammable as the polyester and is more rain proof than a canvas cover.

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