Heist Flashback Event is so special for POE players

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After Path of Exile players experienced the chaos of the Mayhem Event and the thrills of the Endless Delve Event, they finally came to the Heist Flashback Event that looked like the Heist League. Although they suffered a lot of setbacks in the previous two epic events, they are happy that they have harvested a lot of rare production materials and POE Currency that they can use for a long time. Every player is now trying their best to struggle in the current event.

What may make some old players a little surprised is that they cannot use the characters and skills and Builds created in the Heist League in the Heist Flashback Event. It is true. Whether it is an event or an expansion, as long as players want to play, they need to create new characters. The game team determined it after careful consideration and discussion. This move can keep the game balance very well, and will not allow some overly powerful players to always suppress other players to get a good game experience.

So what is so special about it? This activity does not have time constraints like those in the past. That is to say, when the event ends, all the loot and characters obtained by the players will enter the corresponding permanent alliance, and they can keep them. The event not only covers the mechanics of the famous Heist League, but each area or map will have three random mods from a previous league, but these mods changed every hour. Completing the event also has rich rewards for players to choose, which is not the same as Endless Delve Event rewards.

Many new players do not know which version of the event they want to play. For the sake of stability, they’d better choose Standard Autark to start the game. If there are bold novice players who want to try Hardcore Autark directly, they must go to Buy many POE Currency and POE Items before playing, which is a relatively safe method at present.
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