If you read the RuneScape Manual

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You can go to Doomsayer in Lumbridge and OSRS gold toggle it. A box will come up and let's you choose your items that you keep - just when murdered by a NPC, and not a participant. This solves the issue of altering pking. This could have the exact same result as the upgrade, but only make the outcomes more protected for players. Thank you for reading and remarks are appreciated.

The individual being assisted should not receive any XP since they are doing something they should not be in a position to perform. They have not worked like their high Leveled buddy so they do not deserve to receive any expertise. However, I guess a toggle switch could be Ok though I don't agree with giving free XP.

. .but....what if, let's say, someone has multiple accounts with elevated levels and one pure. They have two computers and log the pure on one and among the top ones on the other. They are now able to give free exp to the pure, log off the first high level, get on the next, and repeat.Even when there was a exp cap, this could still get extremely mistreated... You get a significant point there. I will think about a way to stop this sort of abuse.

If you read the RuneScape Manual, JaGex says,"You can earn a maximum of 30,000 expertise in any 24-hour interval by assisting people". I think that's enough to stop people from providing free XP for their pures. Plus ? Is such a small amount of XP it probably wouldn't even be well worth doing. They'd need to keep their primary logged in and at a 20 square radius of each other.

If they did that they'd be breaking up the multiple logging in rule, and two people with the exact same IP address can't log to the same world so that it would be very hard to do what you're saying. Dip trading is against the rules, and people still do it. Notice how I said different computers. Ok, I have thought of an idea that could make it simpler for people to transport around Runescape: A horse and carriage. I mean, would not it be cool, riding a horse around RS instead of playing with some crap toy (could be rather entertaining sometimes) I'm still in the early phases of this idea and theres more to come. So far I have just thought of this carriage, how this could work and buy RuneScape gold how to get one.