What career options are available in Path of Exile

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Novice players can choose Marauder as their occupation in the initial development stage. Because it can help players eliminate many unnecessary dangers and threats. And based on the experience of other players using it in the past, it can be seen that players who take it as a professional will develop faster than others and eventually get more achievements and POE Currency. If there are players who prefer extreme offense or defense, they can choose Juggernaut or Berserker, respectively.

If these players want to try another battle mode after choosing Marauder for a while, they can also choose the Duelist to fight. Although it and the former are both melee occupations, it focuses more on causing damage quickly, while avoiding enemy sneak attacks and defending against other people's conventional attacks.

Branded as a poacher and thief, the ranger was exiled to Wraeclast to hunt in the lands claimed by the local masters. Now she chases the evil that invades the dark and treacherous island from a safe distance. Mainly, because of her range, the Ranger is a skill class. It focuses raiders on dodge, frenzy, and onslaught attacks, making it sort of hit-and-run Path of Exile class that is still good at handling melee weapons. After all, the Pathfinder is what the game comes closest to being a survivor. His passive abilities increase bottle effect and duration, be it offense, defense, and utility, with an emphasis on the last two.

There are more interesting occupations in the game, I won’t repeat them here. If players choose a wonderful career and after playing for a period, they find that they have reached a bottleneck period and can’t get more achievements, they need to Buy POE Currency. They also need to adapt to the game as soon as possible, otherwise they will be even more behind the progress of ordinary players after GGG releases the POE 3.13 expansion.