Summary of three epic events in December

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According to the GGG schedule in December, they released the first Mayhem Event at 3 PM Eastern Time on December 4th. The second Endless Delve Event was released at 3 PM Eastern Time on December 11. They released the third Heist Flashback Event on December 18th at 3 PM Eastern Time. Interestingly, although the first two events only lasted one week, POE Currency and rich combat experience they brought to the players are unmatched by the third event.

As we all know, the combat environment in which the players are in the Mayhem Event is extremely harsh. Not only do they need extremely keen observation to guard against unknown enemies and risks, but they also need their own powerful strength to protect themselves in this activity. This event brings together the excellent mechanisms of many old leagues in the past, and the many wonderful elements make players enjoy and excite.

Although the players in the Endless Delve Event have a relatively single path of activity and can only go straight forward, and the players on the entire journey cannot team up with their friends and can only challenge solo, but they say they love it very much. It’s a pity that some players didn’t enjoy the event. After all, the duration of only one week was too short. The Heist Flashback Event differs from the Heist League that just ended at the beginning of the month. Every player who enters the event needs to start again and make full use of their talents to get a great experience.

The common point of these three epic activities is that the mods in the area where the players are located will be changed every hour. The event has not yet completely ended, and aspiring players still need to work hard. In about half a month, players will play the latest POE 3.13 expansion, but only for PC users. Xbox users and PS4 users need to wait a while, they can use this time to Buy POE Currency and POE Orbs. Come on!